Letter of Support by Dennis Kucinich

Former U.S. Congressman and Democratic candidate for President Dennis Kucinich wrote a message of solidarity to the Korean people in the struggle to oppose the THAAD missile "defense" system. He expresses his concerns about the technology of the THAAD system as well as increased tensions its deployment could bring to the Korean Peninsula. He also urges increased efforts for peace.


To My Korean Brothers and Sisters:

Fond greetings to you. My thoughts and prayers and best wishes for peace and abundance are always with the people of Korea.

I write to express my concern about the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system in Korea. This system, which I investigated as a member of the United States Congress, is an unproven technology.

It could be argued that the installation of such a system, whether it works or not, is a provocation (‘first the shield, then the sword’). Added to the joint US/South Korean military exercises, it places an additional burden of tension to already strained relations with the North.

I would instead urge greater reliance upon the wonderful capacity of the Korean people to engage in diplomacy with the brothers and sisters in the North, to avert conflict.

THAAD is not a technology for peace.  It is for war. We must renew our efforts for peace and reconciliation with the brothers and sisters of North Korea, relying not on technology, but on the power of the human heart.

Dennis Kucinich

Member of the United States Congress, 1997-2013

Democratic Candidate for President 2004 and 2008


  1. Thank you, Dennis Kucinich, for your heartfelt letter expressing concern about the deployment of THAAD missile system in South Korea.
    Yes, the Korean people must engage in diplomacy with their brothers and sisters in the north, but the US must also do the same to end the Korean war. We can not expect the North Koreans to give up their defense as long as they are threatened by the US and South Korea.

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