U.S. Labor Against the War Delegation in Seoul

By Wol-san Liem

After a hassle with cancelled flights, a US Labor Against the War delegation arrived in Seoul today. They will spend a week in Korea showing solidarity for Korean workers and peace-loving people's fight for peace and unification and to imprisoned labor leaders and discussing steps for collective action to end US militarism in East Asia with their Korean counter parts. Today they participated in the Korean Confederation of Trade Union's International Workers Day (May Day) rally and march. Korean workers are welcoming the improvement in North-South relations following the inter-Korea summit on April 27. They are calling for a peace treaty and other real measures to ensure a lasting peace ahead of the U.S.-North Korean summit. They are also clear that they want the new era of peace to be accompanied by greater rights and equality for workers and ordinary people. To this end the May Day rally focused on the KCTU's demands for reform of the chaebol-centered economic system, eradication of precarious work, and amendment of the Constitution and labour law to expand workers' rights. The rally also highlighted the labor movement's work for peace and unification, including exchange with North Korean workers, and efforts to bring the Me Too movement to the workplace.

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